My musical youtube channel

2010-02-19 21:35:11 by SoulRed12

I use my youtube channel more than I use my newgrounds account now. All the music I write will be uploaded there whereas only some will go here so I suggest if you care enough to follow my tracks you should subscribe to my channel.

So yeah, check it out or I'm gonna pour hot soup on you, and it'll burn and stuff. I don't know how I'll find you but...I'll think of something, I guess. Actually I like soup so I won't do that, but yeah, check it out anyways.


Oh, and I'm currently writing the music for the awesome Megaman Battle Network fangame called "Chrono X". It's making really good progress right now, so you should check that out as well! Demo #3 is gonna be out very soon.

Official Project Homepage

My musical youtube channel


2009-10-13 15:26:35 by SoulRed12

So I've been reviewing some stuff, mostly other sites but here as well, and this seems to be a favorite response whenever I write that a game is too difficult: "L2P." Which of course, means "learn to play." I'd like to respond to these users here, even though they'll probably never read this.

When a tester/player tells you the game is too hard, it's too hard. That doesn't mean the designer should immediately tone down the difficulty/make controls easier, etc., unless of course EVERYONE is saying the game is too hard (which, in the games I've reviewed, many others were). In that case, one should take a hint, realize that they may have screwed up the difficulty, and redesign.

A good game designer, of course, would have let some people (friends, classmates, coworkers, etc.) play their game before submitting it to the world, but hey, not all of our real world acquaintances are interested in playing video games. I get that. But we should all at least find some online contacts to get to know and ask to play a beta of the game to determine the appropriateness of the difficulty.

The truth is, you as a game designer CANNOT objectively tell whether your game is too difficult. Why is that? Because for the past days, weeks, months, etc. you've spent hours upon hours testing the motion and the levels. You can guess, but you really can't be sure because that's all it is--a guess, not a genuine gameplay experience. It's also why as I mentioned, testers are so gosh darn important because they're "fresh faces".

Those of us out here, however, just looking for a game to play, don't wish to spend hours just learning how not to die on the first few levels. Instead we'll simply move on to the next game in which we don't have to spend hours just to "L2P". In my own opinion, and I'm sure the opinion of many others out there, the greatest games are those like chess: Easy to learn (i.e. complete the first few challenges), and difficult to master (i.e. become good enough to finish the harder levels).

This is why a designer simply telling people they're wrong or just unskilled because THE DESIGNER can get through the game without dying, quite frankly, is foolish. The designer understands the mechanics and tricks of the game; real players have to learn it first, then practice it, then master it. A designer therefore already understands how to play the game perfectly by the time it's released because he's done so many times. However, if the game is just too darn hard, the time it takes for a player to get going can grow exponentially.

There is always the possibility of a reviewer just plain fail at some game, that's true. But again, when pretty much everyone says the game's controls suck, the hint should be taken instead of just telling everyone that it's because everyone's not good enough. When I see L2P in cases like that, I can really only respond by saying L2D: Learn to Design.

Yay megaman collabs

2009-08-02 20:32:51 by SoulRed12

When people disagree with your review, they'll rate it as "useless" as if that makes it wrong or something. LOL. "He disagrees with me! Lets rate down his review, that'll show him how wrong he is!"

Anyways, down to business. New music collab coming soon. It's going to be a cover of......well you'll find out when it's posted. Me and my buddy are planning to collab on quite a few projects so expect some more covers in the coming weeks. They'll be from a number of different games but mostly Megaman...various series.

Peace out guys.

Where to advertise music?

2009-07-28 15:00:24 by SoulRed12

Hey all,

I've been uploading music here for a while now, with not much exposure. After my music gets off the "recently uploaded" list it tends to be forevermore ignored (and even while it's on the "recently uploaded" list, I usually only max out at around 3-4 votes). I see lots of other songs, however, that get a lot of reviews and votes, even when the song's rating and review scores are very low.

That leads me to believe there must be some form of advertisement going on by those who receive a lot of attention right off the bat, and I'm curious about some good places to do so. So where do you advertise? Myspace? Other forums? Etc.? Or do you just advertise in your signature and make a presence on the NG BBS? Maybe you make it a point to post a lot of music and flash reviews so people can view your page that way?

Anything anyone can suggest would be appreciated.

Much thanks my friends.

Hey all!

I finally got the remix of the Nebula Gray fight from Rockman EXE 5 (Megaman Battle Network 5). It's one of my favorite boss themes ever written, even though the boss himself was a bit of a pansy =p

Let me know what you think. Took me about a week or so to record, arrange, mix, master, and finalize. /258313

Leave a review and I'll be able to look at some of your stuff too. ^_^

What is with...

2009-07-24 01:24:45 by SoulRed12

...people baiting spammers?

People need to realize the entire reason people post spam flashes is so other people post bad reviews and then the "author" gets to respond to them with hostility.

If people don't want to see the portal filling up with spam, they shouldn't encourage the spammers by doing exactly what they want. People should just rate it zero, and not leave a review. That way the spammers get the low rating their flashes deserve, but not the satisfaction of getting to write hostile review responses.

Good day. That is all.

Music, music, music

2009-07-19 04:10:51 by SoulRed12

I can't get enough of that word.

Anyhoo, after having uploaded my last two pieces ("Dreams of a City" and "Tribal Dreams"), I decided to undertake a different style of music. By style, I don't mean genre...actually what I mean is, instead of constantly writing instrumentals, I've decided to write my first song, that is, with lyrics etc.

I probably won't upload it here, due to the necessity of distributing it under a license that allows people to download and use it for free; however, if and when I finish this and possibly some other songs, I'll be uploading them to a myspace artist account, and at that point I'll post a link here so you guys can check it out.

For those of you who are reading this because you were linked here but who don't have a newgrounds account, get a newgrounds account! Then respond to this post and rate/review my stuff so I can get better. Thanks a ton =P

I still intend to continue writing instrumentals, and hopefully one day I'll get some offers to write music for a flash. But until that point, it's practice practice practice! I'll be uploading more soon, despite writing the other song.

Well peace guys.

New music on the way

2009-07-05 20:57:18 by SoulRed12

I don't know who might actually read this, but whatevs.

So after a really long hiatus...I've finally decided to start writing music again.

I had to take a bit of time to find myself, and I'm not sure if I've completely succeeded so far, but what I have discovered is that I need to write music. I want to write music...hopefully I can get better as I practice.

What I need from you, some advice on where to go to get some jampacks for garageband 08. I've looked all over and all I can find are the official apple $99 ones, and for that price I might as well just go all the way & buy Logic. Of course, I don't have that money to spend right now but yeah. Point has been made.

So let me know what you use, have used, etc. Or a good idea for a better way to write music on a mac that won't clean me out.

Four songs up

2008-12-07 18:31:01 by SoulRed12

Yay, I put my fourth song up. Actually I put it up yesterday, but anyways. So far its rating is still >3.0, so I'm happy. So I guess it's butterscotch, whatever that means. XD

Anyways, this one is more of a test. I wanted to see whether I could write a song using just piano and make it darker, more intense, and faster. The intensity part didn't go so well but I think the rest of my objectives were met. Sadly, the piano doesn't always sound so realistic. I used GarageBand so that might be the problem, I guess I have to just play around with the settings. Any tips would be appreciated.

I'm still working on songs; this is really my hobby so expect a lot more over the next few weeks. The Fall semester of college is almost done (finals next week!) so more time to write music over the winter break...=D


Finally...I'm a newgrounder

2008-12-05 16:31:05 by SoulRed12

Well yesterday my first piece of music was finally approved by an audio mod. Much thanks to whoever did the job, I appreciate it tremendously.

I have about three songs up right now, all from my SoulTunes collection. There are more which will be put up later, after I finalize them. The SoulTunes collection itself is made up of a partial soundtrack from an RPG originally being developed in Game Maker. Sadly, the RPG was canceled, but I still liked the music and thus I kept it and decided to upload it here.

Expect more from SoulTunes soon. For now, check out the three already posted and lemme know what you think.