Entry #10

My musical youtube channel

2010-02-19 21:35:11 by SoulRed12

I use my youtube channel more than I use my newgrounds account now. All the music I write will be uploaded there whereas only some will go here so I suggest if you care enough to follow my tracks you should subscribe to my channel.

So yeah, check it out or I'm gonna pour hot soup on you, and it'll burn and stuff. I don't know how I'll find you but...I'll think of something, I guess. Actually I like soup so I won't do that, but yeah, check it out anyways.


Oh, and I'm currently writing the music for the awesome Megaman Battle Network fangame called "Chrono X". It's making really good progress right now, so you should check that out as well! Demo #3 is gonna be out very soon.

Official Project Homepage

My musical youtube channel


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